Clients Past and Present

✩ Acta Technology

(Purchased by Business Objects) A data platform designed to make enterprise data eCommerce ready.

✩ Ambeo

(Purchased by Embarcadero Technologies) A leading provider of innovative data usage tracking and performance management software.

✩ Appsmart Software

Packaged analytical application development solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

✩ Armanta, Inc.

Armanta provides of an integrated business intelligence and analytics platform.

✩ Baseline Consulting

One of the industry’s premier business advisory and information technology consulting firms.

✩ Centerboard

The Virtual ODS company.

✩ Cirro, Inc.

Cirro enables users to create mash up style analytics with big data and traditional data sources with little to no assistance from the IT organization.

✩ Composite Software

(Purchased by Cisco) The data virtualization gold standard.

✩ dBASE 2000

Rapid application development environment for desktop, network and Web applications.

✩ Finisar Network Tools

A leading provider of network performance tools and fiber optic subsystems.

✩ Firstlogic, Inc.

(Purchased by Business Objects) A leading global provider of enterprise information quality and mail automation software and related services.

✩ InfoCentricity

Leading provider of predictive solutions in the financial services and retailer markets.

✩ Informix Software

(Purchased by IBM) Leading database management systems to meet the needs of today’s Internet era.

✩ Lyzasoft

Blends the best of business intelligence and social media to deliver a Collaborative Intelligence experience for the enterprise.

✩ Magnifi

Globally scalable application service provider (ASP) that combines storage, networking and collaborative technologies.

✩ NeoVista Software

(Purchased by Accrue) Data mining software solutions for enterprise retail applications.

✩ Network Appliance

High-performance network appliances that reduce the complexity of managing mission-critical data.

✩ ParAccel, Inc

High-speed, low-effort columnor database management systems.

✩ Predixion Software

Self-service in the Cloud Predictive Analytics Solutions.

✩ Starquest Software

Internet infrastructure solutions that link IBM enterprise customers to the Web.

✩ StrataVia

Provides database administration products and services.

✩ Telcontar

Software and ASP that enables companies to deliver the ultimate navigational solutions to consumers and businesses.

✩ WhereScape

Rapid Development Environment for Data Warehousing.

Highly-focused public and analyst relations services for leading companies such as:

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Search Data Management

In an information downpour, data virtualization products bloom

Executives at wireless technology vendor Qualcomm Inc. know that staying competitive in the cutthroat world of semiconductor development means having access to up-to-the-minute information about the status of manufacturing operations, development teams, product delivery schedules and forecasts.

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Predixion Aims to Make Predictive Analytics Simple, Accessible

Predixion's goal was to develop a solution that makes data mining and predictive analytics consumable and usable by rank-and-file workers. Has it succeeded?

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Data Integration Goes 3D

WhereScape 3D seems to turn WhereScape Inc.'s traditional value proposition neatly on its head. The company positions 3D as a kind of test laboratory for data integration. It's described as in perpetual beta — much like Gmail, which Google Inc. didn't promote to a "production" application until mid-2009.

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Cirro Touts Big Data-Ready Analytic Platform

Business intelligence (BI) start-up Cirro bills itself as big data-ready. What does that take? Cirro's prescription mixes data federation — delivered via its Cirro Data Hub — with an end-user analysis plug-in for Microsoft Excel, called Cirro Analyst.

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Search Data Management

New book explores benefits, perils of data virtualization tools

While data virtualization tools are a relative newcomer to the data management marketplace, several companies already boast very mature infrastrutures.

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Virtualization, federation or just plain access?

There are still many illusions and unjustified expectations about big data. But, one old belief--dating back to the early days of data warehousing — that it has shattered is in a single store that can serve all BI needs.

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Q&A: Moving Beyond Traditional Data Virtualization

Composite Software VP Robert Eve has co-written a new book on data virtualization. Composite Software VP Robert Eve has co-written a new book on data virtualization. In this interview, he describes going beyond traditional data virtualization and discusses some of the lessons from the book's 10 high-profile case studies.

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Information Management Magazine

40 Vendors We're Watching in 2011

For our 2011 40 Vendors to Watch list, we rang up our most-trusted columnists and a few selected other sources for input, added our own ideas, did some background work and came up with a list we shaped and pared down to our standard.

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Saab Revs Up Customer Satisfaction Efforts to Speed Revenue Growth.

Saab car owners have a reputation for being some of the most loyal in the industry. Why, then, would executives at Saab Cars USA feel the need to create a 360-degree view of customers and prospects? Two words: sales and service.